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Multiple capabilities to provide the services you need

  • 6 different soldermask options
  • 3 different silkscreen options
  • 2 different board material selections
  • Up to 12 layers
  • 5 different final finishes to choose from
  • Peelable soldermask available
  • Multiple production times to fit your schedule
  • Various board thicknesses available
  • 3 different copper weight solutions
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Get quotes from multiple manufacturers instantly to compare prices--no more waiting in excess of 24 hours to receive pricing!

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Flexible file types, rigid file security

OrderPCBs accepts Gerber RS-274X files as well as native Eagle board files. We utilize HTTPS for uploading your files, and only the manufacturer that is producing the board will have access to your files. We're actively working on integrating native Altium files to further expand your options and simplify your process.

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Security is our highest priority. OrderPCBs uses Stripe for payment processing. For further questions about Stripe, please visit Stripe website to see that the service meets or exceeds the most stringent industry standards: each piece of our infrastructure and each stage of our operations are designed with security in mind. Learn more about the technical details.

OrderPCBs customer support

Fast & helpful customer support

Customer service based in the United States makes it easy to communicate and answer any possible questions you may have. OrderPCBs utilizes Zendesk, the largest online customer service system, so you always know the status of your inquiry is in real-time.

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